Scotiabank Gold American Express Card: $75 via Interac e-Transfer or $75 gift card

Choose to receive either $75 via Interac e-Transfer or a $75 gift card if your application is approved.

Other requirements:

Rates, fees and other information are effective as of Nov. 1, 2023. Subject to change.

Savings and reward potential in first 12 months based on the following card usage and offers:
$400 in travel rewards (40,000 bonus Scene+ points) when you spend $1,000 within your first 3 months (to earn 20,000 points) and when you spend $7,500 within your first 12 months (to earn an additional 20,000 points);
$33 in foreign transaction fee savings based on average first year annual foreign spend per account (save the 2.5% foreign transaction fee typically charged by other card issuers);
$247 in travel rewards (24,709 Scene+ points) on everyday purchases based on average annual first year spend on the Account with an average spend of 21% in 5x accelerator and 7% in 3X accelerator categories.
Potential First Year Value = up to $680
Actual savings and rewards earned will depend on individual card usage and eligibility for applicable offers. Conditions apply.
¹ Offer Description and Conditions: The 40,000 Bonus Scene+ Points Offer (the “Offer”) applies only to new Scotiabank Gold American Express credit card accounts (“Accounts”) opened by July 1, 2024 and is subject to the conditions below. Offer may be changed, cancelled or extended without notice at any time and cannot be combined with any other offers.
40,000 Bonus Scene+ Point Offer Description and Conditions: To be eligible for 20,000 bonus Scene+ points (the “20,000 Point Bonus”), you must open a new Account by July 1, 2024 and have at least $1,000 in eligible purchases posted to your new Account in the first 3 months of the Account open date. To be eligible for an additional 20,000 bonus Scene+ points (the “Annual 20,000 Point Bonus”), you must have at least $7,500 in eligible purchases posted to your new Account in your first year (12 months) of Account open date. Eligible purchases include purchases (less any refunds, returns or other similar credits) but do not include payments, cash advances (including balance transfers or cash-like transactions), interest, fees or other charges.
The 20,000 Point Bonus will be credited to the primary cardholder’s Scene+ account within approximately 2-3 business days after the qualifying $1,000 in eligible purchases being posted to your Account within the first 3 months of Account open date, provided the Account is open and in good standing. The Annual 20,000 Point Bonus will be credited to the primary cardholder’s Scene+ account within approximately 2-3 business days after you have met the $7,500 annual spend threshold on the Account, provided your Account is open and in good standing. The Account is considered in good standing if it is not past due or over limit and the Cardholder(s) is not in breach of the Revolving Credit Agreement that applies to the Account. All other terms and conditions of the Program Terms continue to apply during the Offer period.
Eligibility and Exclusions: Individuals who are currently or were previously primary or secondary cardholders of a Scotiabank personal credit card in the past 2 years, including those that switch from an existing Scotiabank personal credit card, as well as employees of Scotiabank, are not eligible for the Offer. Subject to the above exclusions, Scotiabank small business credit cardholders are also eligible for the Offer.
Rates and Fees: The current annual fee is $120 for the primary card and $29 for each additional card (including those issued to co-borrowers and supplementary cardholders).
The current preferred annual interest rates for the Account are: 20.99% on purchases and 22.99% on cash advances (including balance transfers and cash-like transactions). All rates, fees, features and benefits are outlined in the Application Disclosure Statement and are subject to change.

*See Card Provider's website and Card Application for complete card details, terms and current offers. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accuracy of information.

The $75 cash back and $75 gift card are not funded by Scotiabank. If you have any queries related to this offer, please contact High Interest Savings Cash Back.